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Scheme Outline and Conditions

  • Each Advisor has committed to providing free legal advice to those with deserving cases who would not otherwise be able to get help. The specific form of services provided is left wholly to the Advisor’s discretion. Making an application does not automatically guarantee that an Advisor will be found to deal with your query. As a general rule, however, each new enquiry will be handled by the next Advisor in line.
  • Each Advisor is committed to providing up to two hours worth of free legal advice concerning the possible impact of the European Union Competition Rules and/or national Competition Law on your business activities in the United Kingdom, or other parts of the European Economic Area.
  • Please note that the Advisors have not committed to providing any additional advice or assistance. In particular, Advisors are not obliged to represent you or find you representation for matters set out above or in relation to any other matter. All advice is given on a voluntary basis. Neither the Scheme Administrator nor any other person connected with the scheme, accepts liability for failure to provide an Advisor to deal with your query.
  • Please note that individual Advisors may impose a cap on liability for advice provided in the two hour consultation period.  Any such cap would be in accordance with Law Society guidelines.  This is up to the individual Advisor's discretion.  Any Advisor seeking to limit his/her liability will inform you at the first point of contact.
  • If an Advisor offers to provide you with additional legal advice outside the scope identified above, either on a pro bono or fee charging basis, you may be required to enter into formal “Terms of Engagement” with that Advisor. The Advisor will explain the scope of his/her instructions and may deal with standard procedural issues such as verification of identity, responsibility for work, fees, expenses, limitation of liability and termination, etc. To the extent that additional services are provided, these terms and conditions will cease to apply and any relationship will be governed by the terms you agree with the Advisor.
  • Once you have read these conditions and are happy to proceed you will be asked to accept the conditions and to fill in your details on the application form. This will then be emailed to the Scheme Administrator. You will need to provide your name and contact details, a brief outline of your query and the names of any other parties involved. The Scheme Administrator will then contact you to acknowledge receipt of your query and will provide you with the name and contact details of your Advisor. The Scheme Administrator will also forward your details to the Advisor. Unless directed otherwise, it will be your responsibility to contact the Advisor.
  • When you contact the Advisor you will be asked to confirm your details and to discuss the nature of the involvement of any other parties. This will enable the Advisor to perform a conflict check and, where the Advisor thinks it is appropriate, a money laundering review. Professional conduct rules prevent lawyers from acting against their own clients. In case of conflict, the Advisor will inform the Scheme Administrator, without delay, that he/she is unable to assist you. In normal circumstances, the Scheme Administrator will then contact you and provide you with the details of another Advisor for you to contact. Advisors are asked to endeavour to arrange a full consultation within five working days of initial contact. Each Advisor will keep your affairs and the information you provide confidential.
  • Each Advisor is represented by a Pro Bono Officer and a Pro Bono Deputy. Should the first designated Advisor and their two representatives fail to revert to you please re-contact the Scheme Administrator and your enquiry will be redirected to the next available Advisor on the list. Please be aware that this service is only available on business days during working hours. Advisors will not be available on weekends or public holidays.
  • Contact can be made by email, telephone or fax. Consultations will be conducted using one of these methods at the discretion of the Advisor. Consultations in person may be available in exceptional circumstances at the sole discretion of the designated Advisor.
  • The Advisor will provide you with details of whom to contact if you have a complaint about the service you have received. Should you have any questions about the services or are dissatisfied with the service provided please contact their designated person in the first instance. If this fails to resolve the relevant issues any additional questions or comments can be addressed to the Scheme Administrator. You are also entitled to use the Law Society’s scheme for complaints and redress, which is operated by the Consumer Complaints Service (0845 608 6565). Please be aware that should your Advisor be a barrister your complaint may be redirected.
  • Should you have any feedback about using the scheme, we encourage you to email the Scheme Administrator with your comments.

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