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How does the scheme operate?

Initial enquiries must be made by email to our Scheme Administrator who will provide you with the name and contact details (email, telephone and fax) of the next available Advisor. Each Advisor is committed to providing up to two hours of free legal advice to you.

In order to access this free legal advice service you are required to accept our conditions on the following page. Further details about the Scheme are set out in the Scheme Outline and Conditions.

If you agree to accept our conditions you will be directed to an application form. You are required to fill in your details (include name, address and contact details) and provide a brief summary of the nature of your query. Once submitted, this information will automatically be forwarded to our Scheme Administrator.

You are not required to pay an application fee or to reimburse any costs for using this service.

To read the Scheme Outline and Conditions and proceed with your application click the button below.

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