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Stage 1

There are only two short stages in making the request:

  • Stage 1 - Provide your contact details
  • Stage 2 - Provide details of your request.

When completed, the information will be automatically sent to the Scheme Administrator who will forward your details to the next available Advisor. You will receive an email confirmation from the Scheme Administrator that your application has been received. The Scheme Administrator will then email you with the name and contact details of your Advisor. You will be responsible for contacting that Advisor to obtain advice. Should you fail to contact the Advisor then it is likely that your query will not be answered.

When outlining your request you should summarise briefly the nature of your query (we recommend no more than 15 lines).  You should also include the names of any other parties involved.  This will assist your Advisor to start the conflict check process.  Any information you provide will be kept confidential.


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